Dried Mango 100g (Tropical Wholefoods, Organic). These dried mango strips are free from any added sugar or preservatives. Each pack is made from 3 entire mangoes, cut into strips. The mangoes are ready to eat as a snack, and can also be added to many recipes, including Moroccan Lamb Tagines and, of course, muesli . Organic and fairtrade, from Burkina Faso. These mango pieces are small and pleasantly chewy, which makes them great for satisfying childrens' "sweet fix" in a 100% fruit-based manner. They also make a great after-dinner or afternoon snack for grown-ups. Ingredients: 100% mango from Burkina Faso (Organic). Why not try.... Organic Mango Slices 250g (Sussex Wholefoods) Even better value! 250g for 5. 49 or buy 3 for 5. 22 each. >>> More >>> Nutritional Information Typical Values per 100g Energy (kcal) 328 Protein 2. 2g Carbohydrate 77. 0g of which sugars 47. 9g Fat 1. 2g of which saturates 0. 2 Fibre 5. 4g Sodium None